Zeeshan Mirza

Information Technology – Manager – Dubai, UAE

Having lived in the UAE all my life, I am very well versed with the local culture, traditions and seen Dubai grow from a regional hub into an international hub.

I was always thrilled about technology and try to understand how things work. The geek in me has always been fascinated by tech innovations. “I was totally captivated by the internet and how quickly it has revolutionized the way we communicate and obtain information… I wanted to be a part of that revolution”. I have been very fortunate to work with top companies in various industries (from Pharmaceutical – Branding – Marketing – Entertainment – Media – Research) and make a difference to challenging projects, take critical decisions and deliver a meaningful end result. I am able to deliver to the customer’s needs; improve their bottomline, and their competitiveness.

While my corporate LIFE satisfies the need to earn a livelihood, it doesn’t fulfill the lust for life. Activities like trekking across & climbing the mountains, snowboarding, motocross & skydiving bring in some extra adrenaline into my life. Nothing else bring me more joy than hurtling down towards the earth at 250 kph. I also like traveling and photography.

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